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Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2019
I regret ever buying this product every time I try to use it. I would urge everyone interested in it to look elsewhere and I would encourage the company to address all the product flaws as noted below. I have used this since December 2018 with my iPad model for which it was designed. In fact, I wish I was using the keyboard to write this review but I cannot because the battery needs recharging AGAIN ... the battery holds a charge for about an hour, maybe two if I would be generous. I’m not doing anything wrong that would cause the battery to die .... it is simply a product flaw. Want to feel frustrated? Start writing a document using the keyboard and then look at your screen and see that nothing shows up because you’ve been typing on a dead keyboard.

If that we’re the only problem, maybe you give it a gimme. But this product is full of flaws open the cover you have to use two hands, one to hold down the base and the other to lift the cover. Have a cup of coffee in your hands? Put it down because the damn thing is so cumbersome to open.

Once you have it open, they engineered the hinge so tightly that it is a hassle to move the screen to change the tilt. And the product itself is smooth plastic ....know what that means? When you go thru the hassle of dealing with your screen, the iPad is likely to slip off the surface .... they need some grips that work to keep the product in place once you are using it.

When you are using it, the lid of the product that holds the screen is so heavy that the ipad could easily topple over when the screen is up because it is out if balance .... of course, that won’t happen if you anchor the iPad somehow or held it while you used it. Everyone who wants to do that raise your hand.

Let’s say you're using the keyboard and you want to use the iPad volume controls or even the on-off power switch. If you try hard you can get to those buttons and you MAY even be able to hit the button accurately (maybe ... not likely).... but be prepared to fumble with those buttons because the shell of this case renders those buttons difficult to access.

Need even more reasons not to like this product? Easy .... just buy it and you’ll discover a bunch of other reasons.

NB: I do not know anything about the company and have no vendetta or anything like that. I am not technologically ignorant because I have been online and a tech user for years and have rarely if ever been so FRUSTRATED by a product. I'm just really upset that I got my I pad wrapped with this thing that very rarely provides the function it is supposed to provide. To the “pro” side: it’s really nice to use when it’s working is a shame it hits on all cylinders only a fraction of the time I try to use it. Also worth noting: I would have written a 4- or even 5-star review of this product if i had been using it just the first week or two -- the flaws emerged (and did not go away) over time. I wonder how many favorable reviews published here would still be favorable after three months of use.
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