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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2018
Got these in every color for some of my 2nd graders who need sensory support. Using them as a tool for students to use to focus during independent work time as well as for helping students with behavior challenges. They are definitely the most well-made and stylish earphones/muffs I’ve purchased, so it shouldn’t be tough selling the kids on wearing them. WAY better than Banz, which I’ve also purchased. They are more streamlined (less bulky), padding is MUCH softer, and they fit snuggly and are therefore very comforting to wear. Tried them on with my glasses and they fit comfortably. Haven’t tested for use over an extended period of time yet as I just got them, but they seem very durable. They fit me, my husband, and my 3 y.o., so sizing is very versatile and can be adjusted fairly effortlessly while staying put once sized. Sound is audible but MUCH quieter. I could hear a creaky cabinet door open, but it was very soft sounding.

I have ADHD and some sensory processing disorder-related symptoms, I am very affected by sound, and I am very glad I ordered myself a pair along with my students’ for when noises get to be too much for me at home (others chewing food, screaming toddler, squeaky chihuahua...). I am comforted by the tension/pressure of the earmuffs and the padding is soft against my skin, not at all scratchy. It’s worth the investment 10 times over for my students, headphones/muffs that actually help them focus and keep calm, I think I may get 4 more pairs to keep in my classroom as tool for any of my students to use when they would like to create a peaceful space for themselves in what is in an often loud classroom. I can’t put a price on self-regulation as a teacher, I would have paid double for these if it meant I can keep my students with challenging behaviors mellowed out...we all learn better when that happens!
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