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Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2018

Whaen Nico says "I always had a crush on you." I feel like he could have utilized some hidden (to us as the readers) character traits like lets say Nico (RR at this point) could have hinted toward having a crush on Our Bethy Friend (for those of you with no heart or dank memes thats Annabeth) but then twisting it to him (Nico in case you have lost track) liking Percy adding some closure there. Oh and spoiler alert... whoops... too late my young Jake Paulers.

Leo (subcategorys! YAY!)

Am I the only one that feels like there is a BIG GAPING GAEA SIZED GAP between Calypso and Leo? Oui? :My french friend nods no: It's like Calypy (Her now name) literally kicks him on a boat to set sail to never find her again but FINDS her then kiss then she leaves. WHAT…? And how does he/Foostoos (intentional) all of a sudden find the island that was MAGICALY MADE SO YOU CAN'T FIND IT.

+side note+ (I wish kindle added underlining and bolding)

Hazel (yep more subcategories)

Hazel… Uhh. I feel like your whole I see things in a sword thing was not adressed in a very serious way. Yep thats about it.

Octavian (the animals got probs too!)

He could have had some secret affection to lets say Reyna which would've added some restraint against the attack on Half-Blood Hill, and I feel like his (awkward) death could've had less brutality and more sort of accidental regrets (Mainly where Reyna pushs him into Nico's pit 'o' doom or kills him in some way) where the Reyna+Octavian thing would tie in).

Frank (made in china)

Frank got WAY, WAY, to good.

Yeah, mabye a 3.8 or 4.3.
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