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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2021
I bought the physical copy but to be honest. I found trying to have a prop up a 5lb book was a bit annoying

- Exhaustive book covering every single math concept on the GRE
-Each chapter starts with easy questions and gradually gets more difficult when you approach Q20 and above!
-explanation are in the back but sometimes I had to look online for additional explainations.
-Really helped me understand how I was poorly prepared and after spending a month or so studying 4-5 hours a day, My math really improved
-really heavy so looking for a solution to a problem can get annoying.
- I did not care for the online service. Super annoying that you cannot advance to any lesson you want, You have to actually do the prior chapters if u want to unlock the more advanced material.
- The verbal section is absolutely awful. I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR VERBAL PRACTRICE. This book EXCELS at Math but is terrible for verbal learning in my opinion.

This book really helped me get on track and taking a chapter a day is a great approach, if you travel frequently and take your work with you, the E-book will be a much better experience than lugging around a 5 lb book when you only need to study a specific chapter. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND FOR QUANT
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