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Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2016

Sorry, I didn't know this review had gotten this much attention, but I will clear a few of my points up.

I have been using the smart home devices for over 2 years now. I started with the Wemo (now have 4 outlets 3 this size and 1 insight and 2 wall switches) 3 TP-Link outlets, and 10 Philips Hue bulbs. All controlled with My Echo and 2 Dots. For the first year or so the Wemo outlets were a pain every time the power went out. Through firmware updates this is no longer the case and they work just fine now. I also was not using IFTTT at the time so it not having IFTTT support wasn't an issue for me. I have since been using IFTTT which is why I've personally gone back to using Wemos over these, but still use these on devices I don't use IFTTT triggers with.

I'll also clear up the "intergrated" questions. Before February or March of 2016, when using these you had to say "Alexa, tell KASA to turn on XXXX" you still technically have to use a skill, just it only now needs to be enabled and linked and Alexa will recognize these devices individually when searching for devices like Wemo and other integrated devices.

Sorry I didn't reply to questions/issues earlier, I didn't know anyone had replied to my review. Any questions my email is in my profile.

**Original review**

I have been using Wemo outlets and switches for over a year now and love the ability to have Alexa turn things on and off by voice. I decided to order a few more smart home devices when Amazon released the Dot since between my Echo, it's remote, and now the Dot I have voice control throughout most of my apartment. It just so happened these were on sale as a deal of the day at the right time, so I ordered 2.

You will see some reviews that state these only work with Echo using a skill, that changed in February or March and they are now fully integrated with Alexa. Over the past year I've had issues with my Wemo outlets dropping connection, and anytime I lose power I'd have to set them up again. This isn't the issue with these outlets. They were very easy to setup and link to Alexa, the app walks you easily through step by step in setting them up, renaming them for Alexa and getting them online if you'd like remote access. After setting mine up I decided to move them to another room. With the Wemo outlets one I unplugged them I'd have to set them up again, not with these. One I plugged them in at their new location they reconnected with no issue. I highly recommend these over the more expensive Wemo outlets.

I saw another reviewer complain these cover both plugs on an outlet, this is true of all of the smart outlets currently on the market, if this is an issue for you I recommend doing what I did in a couple locations and get a cheap pack of 1' extension cords. Most of my outlets are hidden from view anyway so using the extension cords wasn't an issue for me.

Now off to bed "Alexa, turn off lights" (yeah, it's been over a year and I still giggle like a little schoolboy once in awhile over this)
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