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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2018
There were a lot of extra items in this kit to make sure it goes on correctly. I had no trouble actually putting it on and I didn’t need all of the extras for help. My issue is that I have lots of pets so flying pet hair IS a huge problem for me. So I had to do some prep work before attempting this. I cleaned my smallest bathroom and turned it into an actual “clean room”. I turned the exhaust fan off and central heat off so NOTHING would be flying around. I put on a full clean room suit, covered my hair and shoes. JUST KIDDING😹, but I did change my clothes so they were fur-free! Then I started the procedure: I cleaned the screen with their clean and dry wipes, then applied the protector as instructed. MOST IMPORTANT PART IS LINING IT UP! You really only get one shot because it will crack if you try to move it so make sure you are on target. Luckily I nailed it the first time and it went right on perfect! There was not a bubble, speck of dirt, or cat/dog fur to be found under the screen! I used the squeegee card to make sure it was completely affixed and VOILA! It is perfect. So most of you will not go to my silly extreme measures, but I have gone thru these things like qtips because of just haphazardly throwing them on. So it was worth the prep time to ensure this one did not end up in the trash. It is shiny and sooo strong and yet all of my touches and stylus work great with no issues. Hope it lasts and I don’t have to go thru this for a long time! Good luck. Let me know if this helpful to anyone.
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