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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2016
Quammen makes the stories of viral discovery tangible and understandable. He manages to convey a great deal of complexity about the nature, transmission and evolution of viruses in simple and enjoyable terms. This book weaves through many narratives of mystery and intrigue - none of which have a fully complete picture yet. In a way, Quammen urges us all to keep discovering or to keep reading about those discoveries, the same way we might keep up with our favorite characters on a television show.

Spillover also makes two things very clear. First, viruses can be lethal and frightening. Second, *humans* are causing this sudden tidal wave of spillover (or zoonosis) of viral infections from animal reservoirs to the human population. The book seeks not only to enlighten us to thrilling tales of discovery but also urges us to examine our role in these emerging viruses. As a part of the root cause of increased spillover, what can we, as humans, do to prevent it?
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