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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2015
When this book first arrived, I had a WTF moment of "what is this? how am I supposed to read this to my kid and make it meaningful?" As a result of my lack of imagination, I didn't read it to my son very often, but eventually he started requesting it, and I was forced to reimagine what reading a book out loud means. The illustrations are simple, so we can't spend a lot of time pointing out small details. There are very few words on each page--truly just a handful throughout, so it's not about the text. Instead, I read the book with sound effects--mimicking the sound of the train slowly chugging on the tracks and speeding up. The tunnel, bridge and city portions have a different sound too, especially the city where the train must blow its horn over and over again to warn city dwellers that the train is passing through, and as the train speeds through the night and to its destination, I modulate my tone and my sound effects become softer and softer until we work up to the "Gone" which I say in a whisper. My son loves the overall effect of the pictures with my sound effects, and he gets very excited about reading the book. I have come to love it as well because I can be imaginative in my delivery and build an overall emotional/tonal experience for my son. This book isn't for everyone, but we like it a lot at our house.
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