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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2021
I talked with my wife about an air fryer for over a year. She kept telling me there wasn't any space or need for one and it just seemed silly -- until her work friends had a cook in lunch and she got a chance to see/interact with one. She ran home that day and told me she definitely wanted one.

I'm not one to pretend something is going to revolutionize the way I prepare food or cook, I'm often happy with tiny improvements here and there and I'm not one afraid to discard a lemon purchase that was great for a week and throw it in the shed. This air fryer has been in use almost every single day for the entire month we've had it. It's now a permanent fixture on our counter and we've honestly had conversations about buying ANOTHER. It cannot be overstated how incredibly well this thing does things like Chicken and Frozen/premade food. We'll often be stuck with not having enough air fryer bandwidth to do, lets say chicken and French fries -- so we'll cook the French fried in the oven and finish them in the air fryer to give them a good crisp. Another thing that we've found to be just absolutely phenomenal in the air fryer is bacon and breakfast food. My wife is in love with these bacon bagels she makes, all she has to do it throw the bacon in the air fryer and pan fry eggs. It helps so much with Bacon! We're so impressed with how much less clutter this creates around our stove, when you only need to run one or two burners for breakfast. Red meats, steak and hamburgers are OK -- I wouldn't expect the world out of that kind of food.

This is the best sleeper purchase I've ever made. I don't know if the compounding convenience of the oil spray bottle and the instant meat thermometer I bought with the cheat sheet for meat temps... add to this (both of which are also an absolute must have if you're picking up the air fryer) but the two things together have changed the way I prepare lunch forever. I have so much work from home stuff to do these days and my kids begging for food. They love all their stuff in the air fryer, it's simply the best thing ever. The only negative thing I have to say about this air fryer is that the touch controls aren't great, I'd much prefer an easier way to set time/temp. I'd bet you any amount of money I could configure Alexa to just do time/temp commands but a dedicated (-, +) for both sets would be so nice.

Again, killer purchase. Come prepared to deviate from the presets. Keep a notebook for recipes, the app even supports customized recipes. The best thing the presets do for me, since I'm a big timer guy is serve as a reference point for certain things -- for example the "steak" button will get you a quick crisp at 400, it's great for those times you just need to crisp something up. It's rare the presets actually cook the food they're created for that well, I've noticed the chicken one overcooks and the steak one undercooks... get comfortable coming up with your own cycles. Once you get it down the thing is a breeze and produces consistent results every time. Must have
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