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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2015
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This is a good book for beginners to programming and Python 3.x, but it is only useful for beginners. Most burgeoning developers who stick with it will want to invest in a better reference once they learn the basics.

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Learn Python Visually is in the same vein of the Head First series of books as it tries to break down abstract concepts in programming languages using visual diagrams and casual language to introduce concepts to the reader. Most concepts in the book are further explained using a plethora of brightly-colored tables, diagrams, and pictures all meant to help the user visualize how each aspect of Python works. Afterwards, the user is given a short quiz or exercises which asks simple questions or requires a block of code covering the previous topic. At no point is the material presented overwhelming and each topic is covered to the point that a novice developer would have no problem developing simple command-line programs.

The contents of the book include how to install the Python development environment, Python 3.x development including language syntax and standard library contents, and ends with a mish-mash of topics as they relate to Python. These are additions are nice, but by no means are they definitive explanations of each of the topics and divert from the focus of the book, which is learning Python. Each of the topics -- including JSON, sqlite3, and Flask provide snippets of each, but leave a lot to be desired and I feel would stand better as independent resources or as parts of larger projects to facilitate learning, rather than diversions from core Python.

+ Clean visual style
+ Concise coverage of beginner Python topics
+ Well edited
+ Discusses some third party technologies to use in Python

- Not thorough enough to be reference material
- Lots of white space means that there's a lot of unnecessary page-turning
- Underwhelming discussion of third-party libraries
- No exercises that put multiple concepts together
- Third Party section isn't comprehensive enough

Final thoughts:
While certainly not a definitive resource on Python it is a good reference for a beginner in a style that may be off-putting to some while very helpful to others. For those that can handle the dry, focused stream of reference material provided by say an O'Reilly book then I would probably go in that direction, but for someone who is learning programming or wanting to learn Python in a non-traditional way then I would absolutely check this book out.
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