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Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2017
As a tribute, it was a good book. I previously read a book about Belle, but I enjoyed this book more. I read this book three times, and each time I felt different about it. The first time was when I was eight, and obviously loved it. The second time was when I was nine, and it wasn't as good. I just finished reading it at the difficult, weird, and challenging tween age of eleven. But somehow I felt like it was a book that not just little children should read, but people my age should also read it just to look back on the things they used to love . Such as the Little Mermaid. I think this way because even right now I feel like I could watch the Little Mermaid, and all because of this book. I would like to recommend this book to one of my best friends Kaylee Turner, because told me and told me twelve minutes ago that the movie the Little Mermaid was stupid and is only for little kids. I would now like to say that I have looked back at my past of the movies I loved, and I have asked my mom which movie was my favourite, and of course she told me the Little Mermaid. Thank you for sending out this amazing, unforgettable, oozing with how do I say this, SIGNIFICANCE!!! story. You have helped me look at my past at a different point of view. Thanks,
Alexis Easley
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