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Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2020
Another incredible couple to love! A fun, sexy read with a hot, moody NHL hockey player and a sassy, snarky woman who will make him work for it. Bishop may be a bit of a jerk, but you’ll fall in love with him anyway.

When the worst day of your life turns out to be the best thing to ever happen. Well, it might take some time to come to that realization, but it will be worth the wait.

Stevie is celebrating a birthday and no better way to do that than to surprise her boyfriend by arriving early. It didn’t quite go the way she planned.

Now with an ex-boyfriend and no place to go, her brother lets her stay at the penthouse his team gives him for the season. And just when things can’t get worse, she meets Bishop. He’s the jerk that lives across the hall. Let the battle of wills begin.

All Stevie has ever wanted was to make her own way in life. She doesn’t want to be riding her famous hockey player brother’s coattails or have anyone use her because of her connections. So when an opportunity arises to get ahead, she’s ready to take it, even if it means getting close to the jerk living across the hall.

Bishop has suffered a serious injury during a game. Stevie has the necessary skills to hasten his recovery. Both benefit from the agreement. He’ll help her get experience with a professional athlete and she’ll help him get back on the ice faster. It’s the best idea ever. They just need to keep it professional.

An enemies-to-friends-to-lovers rom com with so much witty banter and a slow burn that will sizzle. This author always bring characters that make me smile and fall in love. The women are independent, strong and take no crap. The men are sweet for their women and go all in. I absolutely loved this couple. This series gets better with every release.

You can’t help but love an athletically built man who walks around in his sexy underwear all the time. We should all be so lucky.
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