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Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2017
Nicest spray bottles I've ever used. They have 'hair' triggers, spray reliably and don't drip/dribble from the nozzle. The sprayers have 3 settings: Off, Stream, and Mist. Strictly speaking, the 'mist' isn't directly adjustable but it can be altered with a little practice using the trigger. Also, the trigger mechanism is mostly independent from the outer housing/handle and the screw-on adapter. This allows for attachment without applying any force to the trigger which would likely shorten its usable life-span. The caps (Polyseal® 28-400 with LDPE cone seal/liner) were an unexpected treat and surprisingly useful when the bottle's contents need to shaken, warmed in microwave (they're hard plastic; no metal) or other such circumstances. The caps are also convenient for storage, child-proofing, spill-proof travel,or even as a spare reservoir if/when the spray-head becomes unserviceable.

Manufacturer packaging was quite sturdy; tightly boxed bubble-wrapped bottles with cardboard divider. Also included were four (4) adhesive-backed 3x3" paper labels which could be used whole to add instructions or cut-to-fit the bottle's contents.

As much as the product has be useful, a couple changes that would be welcome include:
- Easier to see/higher-contrast adjustment setting labels on the nozzle
- Graduated lines on the bottle to permit semi-accurate ratio mixtures (due to concave bottom)
- Ability to spray while bottle is inverted/upside-down (weighted feed tube)

Good stuff Sally, thanks.
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