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Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2017
Did I really want to spend $100 for a stupid stylus? No, absolutely not. However, I wanted to be able to do some handwritten notes in OneNote on the iPad Pro.
As many have noted, the lag is negligible (one of my main gripes on the Surface Pro 3)
The weight of it is very nice and the writing natural
I first thought it was fairly dumb to have to be plugging it into the bottom of my iPad to charge, but it really does charge quickly
I am able to write in very fine detail
The battery life is about the same as the iPad itself, which for a stylus, is not very impressive (but this balances out by the speed in which it can charge)
It's very expensive
The detachable cap is d-u-m-m (dumb). Very easy to lose. I would highly suggest paying the few dollars for the cap tether.
It really has no home with the iPad (doesn't have a stylus compartment and/or loop
Because of this, I bought the magnetic sleeve which allows it to stick to the edge of the iPad
In my opinion, Apple should make multiple tips available. If you are like me, I don't particularly like the feel of writing on glass. I would much rather have a rubber like tip, as opposed to hard plastic, to give just a little more resistance when writing, so that it feels more like pen/pencil on paper. But, I have certainly been able to adjust to the feel of the writing the way it is.

I know my cons list is longer than the pros, but considering the purpose of the pencil, the pros have it by a long-shot. I have really grown to enjoy using the pencil and use it almost daily.
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