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Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2018
I received the headphones yesterday and I started playing with them instantly as I was excited to get them. The definitely came with that recognizable plastic/rubber outgasing smell. The is likely due to some kind of chemical used to stabilize or cure the synthetic rubber or plastic. Wonder if that is safe to breath, doubt it would be allowed to be manufactured that way in the US or other nations with air quality laws. I am on the fence about returning them due to this smell, it seems to bother me. The fit of the ear pieces is good and soft as advertised, also the headband is also soft and allows for extended use without sensitivity of the scalp from pressure. However the earpieces started making my ears hot and sweaty after about 30 minutes of wearing in a room temperature of 70 degrees. This might be due to the design or the materials. These headphones are big in my opinion and take up a lot of space even when the ear pieces swiveled in 90 degrees. When compared to other headphones that have a folding design these Cowin E7 Pro take up twice the space of these types of designs when storing or traveling.

The button for the OFF-BT-NC is small and is difficult to switch while wearing often clicking from NC to OFF in one click instead of stopping at the BT setting. The + and - buttons are opposite function from all my other Bluetooth headphones.To turn up the volume you have to long press the + button
and short press advances the songs. My other 3 headphones(all different manufactures) are short pulses to turn up the volume while a long press is a song change. Using these headphones requires a behavior change for me and creates conflict for me when switching between other headphones and these. While wearing the headphones finding the O button ( Pause/Play or Answer/End a call) is difficult and there is no sensory clue that you are on the location. If you are off slightly you hit the + key and advance the song or - button and it starts the song over again. That is why the + and - buttons should be short press for volume not long press to advance or restart songs. This is especially critical when a call is coming in.

Bluetooth pairing is easy and fast. I have paired with amazon tablets, sony tv, Google pixel 2 and Samsung S7.

Overall the sound quality is good in the BT switch setting, bass is not overly aggressive. I have headphones I would place against these in the $20- $60 price range and would say those are as good or better so these Cowin E7 Pro's feel a bit overpriced. You will notice a reduction is sound quality when in the NC mode, kind of like a tinny sound where the mid to low level bass is removed from the song. Line in cable is cheap and is the kind of cable that retains a memory of its last fold. I would recommend going to a cable that is a ribbon without the memory of the last fold. I have not tested these in a noisy environment yet but will torture test them over the next two weeks with travel and off site work.

Overall: A slightly over priced headphone with funky button arrangements and a chemical outgasing smell.
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