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Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2017
I was not only hoping but expecting a quality product, as this is OEM. However, even though the product cosmetically was fine, it did not function well at all on PC. Both joysticks had a lot of play, and didn't return to center by themselves. Not too big of a problem. It was usually close enough to center that most games wouldn't register movement. My big issue is with the left joystick's alignment. It's as if both axes (X and Y) were tilted several degrees to the right. Meaning when I push perfectly forward on the joystick, my character runs a little to the right. In other words, if I pushed the joystick to 12 o' clock, the computer registers the joystick pointing to about 2 o' clock. If I pull backwards on it, the character comes backwards to the left (registering 8 o' clock instead of 6). Calibrating it helped exactly nothing, and Microsoft's XBox Accessories App didn't even recognize this as a controller... In the Windows calibration you can see the visual representation of the joystick, and it was always off. If I pushed right, it registered right and down, if I pushed left, it registered left and up... Needless to say that trying to play games like this was pointless. If I wanted to play games with the whole controller tilted left, maybe the joystick would be usable, but as it was out of the box and despite trying different drivers, different USB ports, etc., this controller was pretty much useless. As such, I returned it... And due to almost countless bad things I hear everywhere about the XBox One controller (one of the reasons I got this one instead) I unfortunately don't think I'll be returning for a Microsoft product. Luckily I seem to be one of few with a negative experience with this controller, but it's made me wary enough to look elsewhere for a replacement.
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