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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2019
I just finished installing 12 of these lights on one circuit for my wife's sewing room. Hadn't done any electrical work in many years. These were installed in bottom floor and the ceiling joists were those ones with V and W studs (engineered trusses ?), so fishing wires was fairly easy.

I have seen many questions on which dimmer to use. I used the one below and so far, no buzzing, flickering or anything else. Seems like a good choice.

Since I needed to daisy chain these, I did a mockup in my garage to see how hard it was to get an IN wire and OUT wire, tied to the light driver wires. It worked ok but not doing much electrical, it was hard to get everything fitted into the driver box, especially standing on a ladder. So I added a junction box (IN, OUT and pigtail out to driver bo) prior to each driver so if something goes bad, the replacement would be easier. For the most part, my ceiling was empty so I could set both boxes up there without too much concern.

One tip is to move the spring loaded clips completely a couple of times to free them up a little. The first one I tried, I almost broke a finger as these things are strong and I did something wrong and caught my finger in it. Once the electrical was tested, I just actuated one spring and set it in the hole. Then gently opened the other and slid it up into the hole and centered it. You should test your hole saw to make sure the diameter is correct. I set mine for 6 1/4" and it was a nice, snug fit.

I drilled the holes using the following hole saw. All in all its not a bad choice but after the 8th hole, you could feel these blades getting dull. I know this can't be avoided but the manufacturer should include at least one set of replacement blades. I did get all 12 holes done but I went slower on each hole. I also cleaned off the blades and drill bit after each hole just to eliminate any issues.

These lights and associated pieces were all very useful and acceptable. I will buy more of these lights.
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