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Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2019
This book is brilliant and everyone should read it, even if you’re not going to change how you eat (but it would be hard no to, he makes such a compelling case) because Foer explores and dismantles the collective psychology that keeps us from acting on what we know is right. It’s not about being a climate change denier versus a climate change believer (because while they have different beliefs, both groups behave very similarly), or what side end of the political spectrum your on, it all comes down to this question: are we doing what needs to be done to save the planet? We are not. And it’s not just because the fossil fuel industry is selling the planet’s future (it is though), and we don’t just need new legislature that will regulate industries (but we do need this), what we don’t want to face is that we need to change our lifestyles. We need to change. And it’s clear we really don’t want to. The revelation for me in this book was what Foer says about emotions—how we feel about climate chang (shame, depression, anger, self-righteousness) doesn’t matter and actually gets in the way. I was a vegetarian, and then I wasn’t and everyone around me was really relieved, and then when I decided to go back to vegetarianism I felt so much shame because I’d already fallen off the wagon and I was worried my social network would roll their eyes that I was trying again. And you know what, some people did but that’s okay, because climate change isn’t about my feelings of embarrassment, or other people’s feelings of glee—it’s about doing what we know from facts and science is the right thing to do and that’s not eating animal products. My feelings about it don’t matter and that is freeing! Also, meat eating is an addiction, and like with most addictions, you’re going to relapse, so don’t beat yourself up and hang in there.
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