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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2018
Excellent kit that will work for college General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry students. It's comparable to MolyMod kits but the parts are harder to take apart with MolyMod. This Old Nobby kit has more 5-hole (trigonal bipyramid) and 6-hole (octahedral) atoms than you'll ever use and removing most of them will make the lid for the box fit properly. For those who would like to include lone-pairs of electrons in their models to help visualize the relationship between Lewis structure and molecular shape (such as on the oxygen in water or the nitrogen in ammonia) it would be nice to have 4-hole (tetrahedral) oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the kit. Not a big deal since most model kits ignore lone pairs but after many years of teaching molecular geometry to college students I find that students do benefit if lone-pairs can be included in their models. For use in Organic Chemistry it would be useful to have more carbon atoms (black) and hydrogen atoms (white) and fewer of the other atoms.
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