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Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2021
This book was supposed to give us all of the answers we’ve been waiting for. Instead it just kicks a lot of them down the road into prequel books (which I understand from a business perspective). But, there’s so many things that you read in the first book that you assume you’ll get the answer to before the trilogy ends... but you don’t. Makes you feel like you wasted your time on the series. The 2nd half of the final book is underwhelming compared to the first and second books. The way the author teases Thomas’ and Teresa’s past throughout the first book makes you so certain that eventually you’ll get to read about their connection before being put in the maze. And you hope that Thomas could truly forgive her for SAVING HIS LIFE in the Scorch but it barely seems like he does. I think that Thomas should have gotten his memories back in the final book and I believe that he and Teresa truly rekindling their connection would have been powerful. It was what I was expecting the whole series. I thought the author would tease their past, put them through struggles and distrust, but eventually they’d get their memories back and remember how close they were. And then they’d get to make new memories with all the WICKED stuff finally behind them. Instead, SPOILER,

Thomas ends up with Brenda..... who also betrayed his trust... but Thomas forgive her so much easier and he didn’t grow up with her like he did with Teresa. Just doesn’t complete the series right to me. Rant over!
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