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Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2019
First - folks have asked if there is metal (or even gold) mixed in the filament. No. (At $22 a roll, really?)
It was very well sealed in a thick bag with all air removed. The bag is not reusable. They also included about 2-3 meter long samples of all of their "Silk" filaments and some nozzle cleaners. There is also an included card which requests you contact them directly if you have concerns.
It is bright and shiny on the roll. It doesn't print quite as shiny as it is on the spool, but is is a nice gold color with a definite sheen. The sticker in the spool recommends it to be printed hot 200-220. I ran a temperature tower (with my cooling fan off) from 220 to 180 degrees. The color is consistent through the temperature range with the best bridging at around 200. I have printed a few objects now at 205C with no jams, excellent print quality, very good bed adhesion (Magigoo on glass at 65C) and consistent color.
I have used CC3D brand silk filament and been happy with it. I was about to order the CC3D silk gold when I saw this brand I thought I would give it a try. I am pleased that I did. At $22 a spool this is a great deal.
I have ordered several TTYT3D filaments now and am happy with them all. The latest that I have purchased is the Rose Gold. It is the same color you see in the pictures - perfectly well named. I just ordered a roll of the silk blue and I am certain I will be happy with it as well.

I highly recommend this line of filament.

As an aside - I am glad that they included the sample filaments. The "Bronze" is definitely a dark green. I think they are aiming for the color of verdigris on bronze and not the bronze itself. But the sample of silk blue is beautiful. I just ordered a spool.
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