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Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2021
This review is for the BLU G9 Pro (purchased in Sept 2020).
This is a good phone, except for a couple of huge warts that make it pretty much a worthless piece of junk.

- Camera works great. Love the wide angle feature too. Good quality images.
- Fingerprint sensor works awesome. Works every time.
- Battery lasts the entire day.
- Display is great.
- Speakerphone is loud.

- It kills apps in the ground. So you miss important notifications from various apps.
- Misses calls and texts.
- Volume controls only have 8 set points (including volume 0). So constantly faced with scenarios of too loud or too quiet.

This phone kills apps in the background to save on battery power. This sounds like an OK thing, until you realize that it kills just about all apps, including Telegram, Slack, Groupme, and other messaging apps, medicine reminders, etc. This results in you missing important messages, notifications, and reminders from these apps. You can see this happening by doing the following:
- Open any important apps that you know you don't want to miss notifications and reminders from.
- Go into Settings->Apps&Notifications.
- View list of all your apps.
- In this list, click into each of these apps that are important to you and you want to make sure are running and sending notifications.
- Because you just opened them, you will see that the these apps are, indeed, running (the Force Stop button will be enabled - meaning that the app is still running).
- Set the phone aside for a few hours.
- Go back into this same list of apps.
- Click on each of these same apps again.
- You will find that on most of these apps, that the Force Stop button is now disabled, meaning that this app has been terminated. In this state, this app CANNOT receive messages or do any kinds of notifications or reminders.
YES, I know that this problem used to be an Android 10 thing, and that it supposedly has been fixed, or has a work-around. NO, the actual suggested fixes and workarounds, to fix the problem DO NOT WORK!!! The supposed work around is to turn off the battery optimizations for each of these apps. This work around DOES NOT work. I've spent many hours with BLU's technical support. They had no fix for it. I've done at least 4-5 factory resets on the phone. BLU had me send it in to be fixed. All they did was do another factory reset. It still didn't fix this problem.
I've missed SO MANY messages from my family, work and reminders because of this!!

- The regular cellular radio connection seems to have long term issues. It continually misses calls and texts. I'll send a text, and the receiving party won't receive it for hours. I'll miss incoming calls constantly. It does not matter what location I'm at. Cycling the radio on and off (using airplane mode) will suddenly make it so I can receive calls and texts. I'll literally send a text to my wife's phone, that is in the same room. She won't receive it for a very long time. I'll go into airplane mode, and then back out. She will then receive the text almost immediately. And also vice versa. I've owned other various phones using the same exact service (T-Mobile), running in the same locations, and never had this problem before.
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