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Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2018
Best WAR story ever written, past, present or future. It is NOT what you saw in the movie, it is SOOOOO much better!!! Heinlein lays out his vision for inter-galactic warfare, but it is really a book about how a boy becomes a man and a person becomes a worthy citizen. Accused by the Hippies of its era for being "Too Fascist" this libertarian fantasy portrays a future where society really is a liberal-globalist paradise run on a capitalist economy, but with the right to vote limited to those who volunteer for military service. It is a future society with total freedom and total responsibility. All wars are in outer space where human colonies run into hostile societies, especially the "Bugs." We get to follow Johnny Rico, a very typical recent high school graduate, as he goes through basic training and enters combat in a wild tech-warrior mech-suit (first imagined in this book) as a member of the Mobile Infantry. if you like HALO, this is where the game world and tech came from. But, it is really a story about a new a better society and how to find meaning for your life through service to humanity. The best scenes are short, but all take place in a classroom, where "Moral Ethics and History" are taught by a veteran with a missing arm. So, ignore the movie, ignore the controversy; just buy this space adventure and ponder why we don't live in Heinlein's perfect society . . . . yet!!

"Do you apes want to live forever!!"
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