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Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2016
I'm no kind of judo or MMA expert, neither in terms of education or in terms of personal experience. I'm just a guy who enjoys the sport and wishes to learn. That being said, the total amount of learning that can be had from this book is mediocre at best.

Some things that it doesn't cover include: nutrition, workout plans, how to best split up your training between conditioning, skills, sparring, etc., or any overriding theories about fighting, other than that it is best to stay focused and stay on offense. Basically the entire book consists of photos of Fedor doing different moves. There are captions explaining the moves. Most of them are clear, but not all of them. And it's very important to remember: you have to drill this stuff in real life, you just have to. Books can be helpful, but personal experience is nearly everything when it comes to stuff like this.

There is a forward where Fedor, in characteristically concise if not terse form, runs down the details of his life. In other words, he tells us almost nothing. He's just not the type of guy that is ever likely to open up with lots of deep thoughts and feelings about much of anything. Know that if you are buying this book to learn about him on a personal level -- you will learn nothing about him on said personal level.

I would recommend this book for someone just starting out who would like to have an illustrated guide regarding some beginner moves. Maybe the class is crowded and you can't ask all the questions you have; maybe you forget things; maybe you like to refresh your memory about skills before class; maybe you just like looking at Fedor torqueing people's limbs. But, if you are looking for general advice about how to be the best athlete possible, how to structure your workouts or even what kind of workouts to do, or to learn about Fedor, then you'd be better off skipping this book.
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