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Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2018
So far so good. I thought two came with the order, but I realize it’s jusy showing the back side in the photo and that’s what I get for ordering it at 3:30 am. My bad. I’ve gotten through about 60% of my car. The pad isn’t as stiff as it was and there’s a little bit of foam missing which is probably from my cars weird pointy door jam spot. I know having more than one pad is ideal, but I did the worst parts of the car first and the rest is basically just a sweep to revive the paint...since my car has been kept pretty decent for the last 3 years, there weren’t that many swirls to remove. As for scratches ... The combination I chose removed about 80% of the light scratches. I can tell the pad is starting to break down though by looking at it sideways it seems to be losing its density, which I was hoping it would last for more than one car, but it is what it is. First time using a DA (myself) on my car and it’s going smoothly with this pad and after testing it, I got it down and I’m not so afraid as I once was thinking I would rip the paint off the car... especially with black paint. This pad seems to be forgiving and on a safer side just in case, so, no complaints for deciding to try this after my research. I’m happy it hasn’t exploded or anything like others have shown and I believe it will make it to finish off the roof. After the prep process, I used a harbor frieght DA, Meguiars 5” backing plate, chemical guys swirl and scratch remover and 5.5” orange cutting pad. Speed setting 5. So far, chemical guys brand is working well for my learning process and I feel it was a safe choice to experiment with.
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