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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2016
I figured I would wait awhile before making this review. It's for the 23.8 inch R240HY bidx

I feel I should mention the size because Amazon has this completely stupid policy now of merging reviews for what they think are similar products, so you never know if you're reading the review for the product you actually are researching, or the larger or smaller model with may or may not be similar in reality.

In my opinion this monitor has good color quality, blacks are black enough, it can be tuned to be not too bright/blue (although most people seem to love screens as bright and blue as technically feasible).

It's great for gaming, the screen looks larger than it is because the bezel is small. It's very thin.

No dead pixels (my last 1080p Acer had one stuck red pixel, this was ages ago though).

I have hopes it will last longer than my last one because of the LED backlighting.

Main complaint is ghosting or trailing when scrolling on websites with dark font and colors that aren't white. There's a site I visit more often than others, and when scrolling the text ghosts pretty bad, it's black text on a kind of blue/grey background and the ghosting is basically negative, as in it ghosts light almost white under the black text when scrolling. Hard to explain I suppose but even a literally ancient HP LCD monitor I have from Windows Vista era does not do this.

Really griping I suppose and if you want consider this a five star review. I just don't give five stars unless I have no complaints.

Acer is always a great value brand if you're willing to consider it might not last forever. Great specs and features for the price as always

VESA mount would also be nice, if just so that I could get a second of exact same model for portrait use as a second monitor
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