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Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2019
This is by far, the best STN book ever. First, you took you time to write a book which is NOT a filler,(srry if I came out to harsh on that one,)and relates to the ultimate gial of the story's protagonist. It is decent lengthed, and a overall good book.
The scores of this book:
Plot:9/10 (relates to the goal of the story so overall good)
Length:8/10 (though this is longer than your previous wourks, its not that long. I took about 30 mins to read the whole thing. I'm a reader with high expectations.)
Writing:7/10 (lacking in description, dialogue is still not so good.)
Conculsion: The book is long and has a overall good plot, and the (SPOLIERS AHEAD) war has enough casualites to be called an actual war. You killed off quite a lot of important characters and this causes me to feel actual SADNESS and GRIEF to the characters of this story. Due to STN reviving with necromacers, a death becomes dull. A void death, however, cannot be revived. This brings out a whole new side of the series. I am sad that this series is finished but I hope your next series will be as good as this one.
I want you to add a human character named Lenz. He is a redstone tech wizard and a master at archery. He has tinted goggles and a long white robe with a redstone dust icon on the right chest part of the robe. He is afraid of fighting mobs and has a sassy personality. He is a student of a redstone college(this is optional). Pls add this in the next series.
My kindle is now low on battery so bye!
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