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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2009
I got this book to serve as inspiration for an Art Nevoux project I'm working on. I've fallen in love with all the movements and mechanisms pictured within. I'm not in the demographic who actually uses this sort of thing, but, if you're looking for a small something for a mechanic or miller/machinist this is a neat little gift and just a generally cool book to have laying around.

The book features individual movements to accomplish tasks within a machine. From watch escapements to self closing weir gates for streams. Also a great assortment of mechanical doo-dads and whatsits from universal joints for your steam work factory to those little lever things villeins tie damsels to shortly before getting beaten up by the hero.

...or you could just look at the pictures (all 507 of them!)

You should buy this book 1. Because it's a classic. 2. It's can give others false impressions about how smart you are. 3. It's too cheap not too.
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