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Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2020
My 6-yr-old grandson enjoys books on history. I purchased this one to read with him. It seemed accurate, interesting enough, then Nico Medina finds it necessary to state that a vibrant gay and lesbian social scene emerged in Germany decades before it would in the US. I am not homophobic and have a beloved gay family member. I do not see how this statement is relevant to the information presented in the narrative. Medina doesn’t say Czar Nicholas was heterosexual. Why does he feel he needs to mention sexuality in a nonfiction book about the Berlin Wall written for elementary children? Now instead of discussing the importance of the Berlin Wall with my 6-yr-old grandson, he asks questions about gay and lesbian. This is not normal conversation to have with children during a history lesson. I will not read any nor buy any of Medina’s books for my grandchildren now. Medina ruined an informational book for the purpose of promoting his cause/beliefs. Stick to relevant facts of what you are writing.
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