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Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2017
VINYL ONLY: Unfortunately I should have listened to the negative reviews. So, album is a classic. Indisputable. The vinyl I received, at an attractive price that should have told me more than I allowed, was 180 gram and felt right, but is oddly shaped. The landing space for placing your needle is wider at one side of the album than the other... This was first noticed when using my auto drop on my Technics 1350, which landed and skidded into the first song. It took me a while to discern if my turntable was needing a landing adjustment and then if this was merely an optical illusion, but NO. This pressing has extra vinyl pushed out to one side, the album spins strangely when looking down from top with the bare landing space growing super wide, then narrow. The label has a similar oblongish tilt to it as well. Nevertheless, the album played true and my stylus / arm tracks true from an above visual inspection amid the wobble indicated by the clearly untrue circumference. There was nothing noticeable in play, album sounded just fine... until it hits the most interior tracks when there is mild tone confusion... as if the turntable's timing is barely untrue. All said, given other bad reviews about warp, etc, I suspect that is why 180 gram was so discounted. Purchased 6/25/17.
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