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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2015
I loved Dr. Grandin's earlier book, Animals in Translation, and found some overlap in this book. I did enjoy reading her views and findings on our most ubiquitous domesticated animals, especially pigs and cows. The facts certainly reinforced my commitment not to eat meat from the factory farm system. The facts on so-called more humane raising of cage-free egg-laying chickens makes me question whether to support eating eggs at all, and treatment of dairy cows, even in organic sources, challenges my drinking of organic milk products. Though Dr. Grandin has been a more researcher and designer of more humane practices in factory meat farming, it's clear to me that farming on an industrial scale is not compatible with the humane treatment of animals. Combined with strong evidence that a plant based diet is more healthy in countless ways, a book like this provides a strong argument for me not to eat meat, and to be very cautious about the source of even organic and more humanely raised egg and dairy products. Given the ever increasing growth of human populations, improved humane animal farming is very unlikely on the immense scale needed.
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