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Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2003
I've had the Palm m130 Color Handheld for about a year now and I must say I'm quite please with it. When it first came out, I was excited that Palm finally came out with a handheld that had a color screen that was, at the time a little less than three hundred. At the time the m515 and m505, its competitors, were around five hundred.
This is my first handheld and I consider it very easy to use. Though the manual provided with the m130 was no help at all, I really didn't need it.
Here are the pros and cons with the m130:
* Absolutely beautiful and bright color display.
* User friendly. This is not a complicated unit to use. It doesn't have any fancy features or feaures that only a computer whiz would know.
* Palm OS. Palm OS seems to be the somewhat stardard as far as OS for handhelds, so therefore finding free software on the net to download to your unit is easy. You won't have to really buy those expensive programs.
* Tons of accessories. Since this is of the m100 series, you can purchase the same accessories as you would for the m100, m125, etc. Most of the time you don't have to buy accessories that are made specifically for the m130.
* The backlight stays lit. Though this is a feature I liked at first because unlike the m515 or m505, you don't have to keep turning the light on to see the screen, I quickly found out this can drain the battery after minimal use.
* It's hard to to take off the faceplate. However, once you have the handheld for a while you will become a pro at taking the faceplate on and off.
* Only 8 MB of memory. Believe me once you start putting some software on this unit that 8MB will start dwindling to nothing.
Palm m130 Color Handheld is perfect for first time handheld users who want a color screen but something simple enough for storing dates, phone numbers, etc.
I know there are more advanced color handhelds with much more detailed features but this one can more than meet the challenge.
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