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Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2019
I bought this because I had tried the Soft Cup disposable menstrual cups and, much to my surprise, I really really liked them. I was surprised because I'd never envisioned myself as a "menstrual cup" kind of girl but...I guess maybe that's how we all feel? I mean, are there any self-described menstrual cup gals out there? MCG unite! Anyway....

I was hoping for the same results with this product, and I was very pleased to find one that was "permanent" and not disposable.

I've tried using this one several times, but the way the ridges are built just seem not to work for me. On the Soft Cup, the top ring was smooth with no ridge or indentation at all. Just smooth and flexible. The Intimina has the same concept, but the top ring (hard to explain verbally, but you can see it clearly in the photo) has a ridge in it--which may actually help for suction with some people, but for me it seems to prevent suction.

I could just never get it situated in the right place to create the suction needed and to "seat" it properly. I could always feel it, and it felt like it was at an angle and almost ready to pop on out. That made it not only non-functional for me, but also highly uncomfortable.

I still have it, and every once in a while I want to give it a go again, because I *really* want it to work. Maybe one day the magic will happen. The potential is there. Maybe you will have better luck!
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