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Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2017
Based on all the great reviews, I thought this would be a 'can't miss' kind of game. Sadly, it seems to have missed in our household. There are a few major flaws with this game that unfortunately I didn't see discussed in any of the reviews I read.

Here's the premise of the game: Everyone takes turns spinning the spinner. It either a) tells you how many spaces to move, b) has you remove a food from the pigs' picnic blanket (if all the food is removed the game is over) or c) has you turn over a Goldbug Card. Each Goldbug card has a picture and corresponding word on it (ex: barrels, flags, cones, numbers, etc). You have a minute to find as many of that item on the game board as possible. When the minute is over, everyone moves forward based on how many of the item were found. Everyone moves the same number, which is supposed to create teamwork and cooperation.


1. This board is easy to memorize. After playing this game a few times my kids have memorized where tons of items are on the board. It's not much of a look-and-find after the first few times you play it.

2. Though this game is supposed to be about co-operation, my kids always seem to make this into a competition about who can find more items. That wouldn't necessarily happen to every child who plays this, but I can't imagine my kids are the only ones who are competitive about something like this. They actually argue more during this game than almost any other board game we have.


1. This game is very simple and can be played by all ages.

Obviously this game is loved by many, but be warned it's not perfect and won't work in every single household! Since it worked for so many people it may still be worth a try.
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