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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2018
I hadn't considered this faucet as it looks a little funky, but the 5-star reviews forced me to look into it. I then bought the stainless version and installed it today. One thing I noticed was the quality construction and fit and finish over a cheaper product I had tried (<$100). You could tell right away the braided hoses were beefier, the lock ring design for the main shaft was a better design (brass lock ring with two Phillips screws to secure the adjustment and prevent it from loosening - no cheap plastic material). The design of the Kraus also facilitated installation. Bottom line is you get what you pay for, but the price is not crazy stupid like a Moen.

As for function, this type of faucet design can't be beat, because you can swivel the gooseneck from side to side easily, so you can move it out of the way. The faucet handle is designed with a 90 degree sweep so you can install the faucet with little clearance to the back wall of the sink. And of course, the nozzle detaches and you can pull the hose out up to 2 feet so it can reach outside the sink. What I really like is the shower feature of the nozzle because it has very good pressure so I can use less water since I don't have to open the faucet handle more than 20% of max.

I was lucky because even though my house is 80 years old with an old sink, the nozzle of the Kraus aims exactly down the center of the drain after I installed it! The high water pressure of the nozzle spray helps to clean out the two sink screens I have so they don't clog so often anymore (like every 3-4 days they get clogged with food scum).
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