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Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2020
I'm not going to front, I found this enjoyable to read. Not that the topic matter was enjoyable, but in that Lifetime movie enjoyable kind of way. This book is problematic, it's a Caucasian woman from the US writing from the perspective of a Mexican woman who is facing trauma and more trauma. The plot twists are predictable and you can see them coming a mile away. She plays up the stereotypes, and tries to lure ignorant American readers into this idea that she knows what she's talking about because she read books on the topic. This passes on massive problems into the current political atmosphere in the US. There's so much to say here, and unpack. Do yourself a solid and read an actual Chicano/Chicana author, don't allow your mind to absorb a Caucasians take on what she thinks immigration is about. I had four stars on this simply because it was engrossing to read, but once I got some insight into what's at play here I had to lower that significantly to one. Really, it probably needs to just go in the trash if I'm being honest. I'm ashamed I bought into the hype. Don't get suckered!
**p.s.** When I went to review this book I was given an error message that said there were too many suspect reviews and therefore only confirmed purchasers could review the book...and I bought the book from Amazon! I found a back door to getting in and putting a review up, but it took me about 20 mins, maybe thirty to jump through all the hoops to get it done. Had I been less invested I would have given up. Take whatever meaning you want from this info.
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