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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2018
This has the distinct feel of an item with a poor design whose short-coming was caught late in the development process and was remedied with a quick-fix that is hampered by the product’s own design. Allow me to elaborate:

There is a Hold feature that is supposed to hold the measurement when the readout is obscured by the item being weighed. Due to the low-profile, upward facing read out and small surface area (about one-half-square-foot), it doesn’t take much to hit that mark. HOWEVER, the scale can’t automatically hold the measurement: you have to push a button on the side. But since the thing’s only one-and-a-half inches tall, just imagine trying to fit your hand under there, without jiggling to item, to press the button! INSANE. So, yeah, here’s how I imagine the process went:

“We made a great, low profile scale!”
“WOW! Wait. I can’t see the read out. And when I pick the item up, the scale zeroes out.”
“We’ll add a button to hold the measurement!”
“Great! Put it into production!”

Don’t bother with this unless you’re measuring items smaller then that surface area of the scale.
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