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Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2009
I stumbled upon the Ranger's Apprentice series a couple of years back when I was walking through Barnes and Nobles. I bought the first book on a whim and glad I did! The series has been incredible and one that I will read over and over again... and I'm 25! I love the writing style of John Flanagan, how well he captivates the characters and really brings you into the story.

The Seige of Macindaw is a great conclusion to the series, however I do not wish it to end! I would love to hear how everyone ends up in their lives... who becomes married, who finally expresses their love after all those years of friendship. A lot of questions are answered in this book, a lot of passion and emotion are revealed... though if you read the previous books it is clearly obvious how Will and the other characters really feel about one another. I won't spoil the great ending! :) I was incredibly impressed with the ingenious character traits of everyone in this book... even Shadow, or "the dog", and her loyalty to the people she loves... really reminds me of my own Brandy (a Collie mix who thumps her tail the same way when you talk to her; I pictured Shadow doing the same whenever she is mentioned or even looked at). I have to admit, though, that I fell in love with Trobar and how well he blooms in this book. He doesn't have the largest part, but how Mr. Flanagan brings that small part out is amazing. He is probably one of my favorite characters just through how he describes his love and even his smile! :) Great book and a great, "easy" read for any young adult! When I have children I will even let them read these books... it's so hard to find good books that are suitable these days! I'm glad Mr. Flanagan was able to captivate such a large audience without the distractions of sex.
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