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Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2018
Best mop I've ever used! I don't know how much money I've spent over the years, trying to find a mop that will really clean all the hard to reach areas of my kitchen and bath. It was without a doubt, a whole lot more than I spent on the O-Cedar Spin Mop.

Because people tend to toss the instructions, O-Cedar saves trees and puts the assembly and spinner instructions on the box. If you REALLY need to read more about specifics like changing the mop head, here is the PDF from the O-Cedar website for 'Use, Care and Refill' instructions

I start out by using the clean damp mop on all the baseboards. I was NEVER able to clean baseboards with Swiffer or sponge mops.

The shape and small size of the mop head allow for excellent corner cleaning as well as easy cleaning behind toilets.

The spinner is well made and durable.
One or two spins allows for a good wet mopping of heavily soiled places like around food prep areas.
Three to four spins and I can mop up any standing water.
Five spins is the best!
(1) It picks up all the water.
(2) The floor drys WITHOUT SPOTS.
(3) And it drys within MINUTES.
These were all major failures of the Swiffer WetJet and sponge mops. The design of the Swiffer WetJet is just plain poor. The non-slip grip on the handle hurts my hands. The holder for the cleaning solution is bulky and does not allow for mopping behind toilets or under some pieces of furniture like my buffet and china cabinet.

The O-Cedar mop easily cleans areas that I previously had to hand wash (did I mention baseboards :-). I haven't tried this yet, but it weighs so little, I'm going to use it to dry mop dust from walls because it will not drip like a normal rag mop or sponge. The bucket is about as small as they could make it but even so, it's a large storage item. Never-the-less, you will happily make room for it because you will LOVE this mop. It puts the FUN back in having clean floors.
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