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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2018
I feel like sending it back for a refund. I've never read a novel of this genre that is this bad. The plot went nowhere from the start, seemed contrived to be unreal, not a bit cogent, led me through endless page turning for a development, was characterized by multiple pages of inane banter for dialogue obviously meant for filler to take up space, was endlessly repetitive in character development, and made me want to give it up halfway through. Author Child obviously cranked this out as a quickie - what a lot of writers are criticized for doing now - taking advantage of Reacher fans to faithfully buy it. (Do these writers have deadlines to keep the novels coming? It seems like it.) I won't even donate this to the book room at the mobile home park where I live except with a warning in front how bad it is. I kept going huh? What? When does this turn into something? It never did, right to the end. It reads like a model how to write a grade 'D' novel. What kind of editing let this pass except for an assembly line crank-em-out policy? It was extremely unethical of Child to take such advantage of his prior reputation and to betray his spoiled and faithful following just for another quick publication and fast buck.
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