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Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2020
2/5 for the plot but 4/5 for the suspense. Overall the main character (housekeeper) acts like a pre-teen with her plans. And her only 'friends' around her not only listen to her idiotic reasoning behind her actions but enable her.

However, I suspended my disbelief for light night reading and was enjoying the twist and seeing how it would play out until about 65% through the book the editor must have quit/fallen asleep because I started to notice typos and missed sentences. Then, when we get to the action-packed finale all of a sudden whole pages seemed to be missing. In the middle of the final chapter the scene jumped around like crazy and was hard to follow - I had to re read multiple times. I think with better editing/story telling this could have easily have been improved so it's a shame no one sat with it to make it a keeper. Hopefully the author learns from her mistakes and the next one has a plot to match the suspense

- She asks her hook up/guy she doesn't know to take embarrassing photos of a 'friend' at a gala when he has plans and he does??
- This same amazing guy who volunteers and turned his life around is also willing to drink too much, where a strangers clothes and play a weird role playing game?
- April - a very kind/considerate/normal person - doesn't disagree with Claire's weird plan to take seduce a married man for blackmail?
- They agree she has to go back to the house where she might be in danger.. why? why not go to the police or social services to protect mia? instead they were worried claire might be framed but she would have had an alibi
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