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Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2014
Something is missing here.

Our founding fathers had a encyclopedic knowledge of government and the effects of each type of government on the freedom of people and the longevity of those governments. As an engineer-like person I can only recognize the genius of their system they designed; allow government to do this and you get that and, given these causes and effects, this design will prevent those effects and guarantee the natural rights of the governed. I am not convinced there is the conceptual framework in these the liberty amendments that match the level of genius found in our founding fathers... close but they lack a coherence found in our founder's work.

That said, few of our intellectuals on the right go back to the types of arguments our founders used, Mark Levin's is closer to the mark than many others but... it still misses the mark!. One might say he fails to argue at the levels of the basics found in our founder's writings.

I think that this book is a necessary contribution to the restoration of personal freedoms as a driving force in our country but... it is only a small part of the changes that are necessary. The changes that the constitutionalists and seekers of freedom think are necessary are yet to be fully articulated. The people of this country, of this world, need to find a path towards that great rectification our country, and this world, needs to restore personal freedoms to what our founders envisioned and that they designed into our republican form of government.

This is a GOOD book! But, I think it is only a part of the contributions required by our current thinkers needed with to begin that great rectification our country needs to go back to the basics our founders put into place.

I am still waiting for the start of that process, this book seems to be preparatory for, rather than be, sufficient to the restoration of freedom in this country. I am still waiting.
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