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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2018
THE BEST floss out there. Use it correctly (i.e., not side-to-side, but vertically, where you get in the grooves of the gums and pull out the debris) and you will have great breath and perfect oral hygiene. Use it incorrectly and face bloody gums and injured gums. I've been using this product for over a decade and my dentists/hygienists have never had a recommendation for me about flossing differently. And, I never have any blood in my mouth when they work on my teeth. Flossing is SUPER important for overall health. Most people don't realize that. Those who don't floss, or not enough, or improperly will probably die at least a few years before they should. This is a proven fact. The mouth and oral cavity is the door to the rest of the body. If you smoke or use tobacco or vape and/or other bad things to it, you'll be dead before you should be. I've worked in healthcare so I know. Anyway, this product WILL help you. Buy it. Use it. Forget stringy floss that gets stuck between your teeth, makes your fingers red, and requires throwing away when done. This product will make your life much easier. Buy a few of them, stick one in your car, keep 2 in your home. You'll thank yourself later.
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