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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2016
wow just wow. This book came a little later but.... It was worth it!!!!!! OMG IMG OH MY GOD ITS SO AZAMZING!!!!@!!!

Anyway, alex almost ran away and betrayed the village because of the dog steve gave her. But steve stopped her. SO FINALLY TRAINNINGGGGGGG! ;) BUT her class is both useful and hard and bob And deviln is fighting not really:p to get alexs attendshion. Unfornally, the nasthy stupid meanie galvin strikes again! This time he gets a huge I mean REALLY HUGE. And even worse, ALEX IS WORRIED ABOUT THE WAR!!!!! !!!!! REALLY BAD NEWS. Oh and the army is wither skeles!

suggestions: the wither skeletions were enchated by galvin! So they are almost unstoppable!! So what they need is a savior. So you can either make a goddish human appear out of nowhere and defeats the army easily but gavlin esapes. Or things were looking bad because the wall crumbed, houses are in fire and stuff. And suddenly he gets the wither effect again! so he went into a coma or something and in his dream he meets a kind but powerful human and then he suddenly wakes up and was really powerful. And defeats the army. But then suddenly something gets out of him and its that powerful yet friendly human! OR this is alexs past. You know about skywars? Alex was fighting in there, too. But was dropped into the void by her teammates. Feeling betrayed, she fells into this superflat world. And now, a evil man was frcing them to fight and humans rebelled agast him and when they killed him and they dropped into that army of wither skelos and defeated all of them.

Sorry for this long review steve.
Thanks for putting me in the favorte reviewers again!

Good job for makling books!
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