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Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2019
A friend recommended these on her Instagram story and I thought they were cute. I'm a librarian, so I spend a large part of my day staring at a screen. We also recently switched all our lights to LEDs, so I have been getting more frequent headaches and eye strain. I bought a pair of computer glasses that had really yellow lenses and a weird mirror finish on the lens. They helped my headaches, but I hated the way they looked and how yellow they were.

These are very clear and don't have that shiny mirror finish. You can actually see the lens reflecting back blue-light, so you know they work! I have a large head, and these do not squeeze my head at all. They are very lightweight and comfortable! I also love that these came with two pairs, a travel case, a screwdriver, a lens wipe, and the neat blue-light tester!

Totally worth the money!
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