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Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2019
I bought this because I love to share VR with people. I was hoping for something that required less set-up, and this is mostly a fit.

But it HURTS my head. I'm not prone to headaches or nausea - I use the Oculus Rift every day. But the Quest is too heavy, and doesn't have facial interface meant to handle the weight. It digs into my cheekbones, and if I tilt it up off my cheekbones, it's got to be strapped so tight that it hurts my forehead.

- Powerful and beautiful. It's got great rendering capability, and a great frame rate.
- Fantastic display. Minimum screen door effect, no smearing, high resolution.
- Portable. The guardian system is quick to set up, it's tracking from the moment you put it on.
- Headset tracking is flawless, and controller tracking is very good even around the edges.
- Many of my games transferred over! I got Robo Recall, Tilt Brush, I Expect You To Die and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for free, but I will have to re-purchase Beat Saber, Moss and Super Hot.

- Heavy. I'm beyond belief how heavy this thing is, and how "sharp" the bottom of the facial interface feels. I won't be able to play this much. I'm going to have to acclimate or return it, and I honestly wouldn't bet on either outcome.
- Short battery life. It'll outlast a LONG game session, but it won't outlast a road trip, so keep your charger handy. That being said, it's amazing battery life considering what kind of power this thing has.
- Screen sharing isn't very good in quality or reliability, and some games like Beat Saber don't support it. A wired option would be nice, or a more reliable wireless stream. I chose this because it's easier to take places and share experiences and "screen sharing" was a selling point. I am disappointed.

- The audio is good considering it's not over the ear, but it's a disappointment that it is lacking the quality of an over-the-ear option.
- Absolutely TINY game store. Since the store just opened today, many of the titles are labeled "Released 2 hours ago," so I expect there will be more. The Rift had the same problem, and it quickly improved.
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