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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2014
My son just bought this game and loves it. He plays it every day, and really enjoys it. The starter kit comes with three game sets, each of which is like a small game in itself, as well as the ability to carry over certain items from that playset into the toy box mode. I think he said it has taken him about 6 hours to beat each playset which isn't too bad. That is about the time I suppose it would take to play a shorter game. (Some games these days take forever to beat)

It is also nice because it has the add-on playsets (I think there are only three currently) as well as many other figures that you can buy to play the game as well. We have recently ordered the Lone Ranger playset, so I don't have any experience with playing other sets so far. My son also mentioned that he thinks that if you get a villain and play the story mode, that it will be a different story. **I have no verification on that, just going by what he has told me** It does make sense though, because say in the Pirates of the Caribbean playset, your goal is to kill the villain, Davy Jones, but if you play as Davy Jones, surely the goal isn't going to be to kill yourself??

He did complain a little about the graphics not being as good as he wanted them, which is surprising because he usually doesn't mind the graphics. I have read several other reviews about the same thing. Also, you can't play two-player in the story mode which we knew prior to buying, but that does make it a little less appealing. And one thing I have noticed in the couple of times I have played with him was that in the toy box mode (which is where you just build whatever you want granted you have the pieces) both players can't build at the same time. I really wish you could both build at the same time, but if one person is building the other person can only run around, no building.

Overall, the game seems pretty good. My kids like it and that is really all that matters to me. Hopefully they continue making playsets for this thing or I'm afraid my kids will eventually get bored with it.
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