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Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2019
Update: keep encountering other buyers realizing too late to return that the device isn't a standard android tablet. Service is so nonexistent that they're seeking help online on message boards. Save yourself.

cannot access owned apps through playstore. Non-US customer service just says sorry, no help. The device link to get service is stuck in an endless loop redemanding entry of a phone number.
They did something to make the google play store not install, even though it would on prior models.
Massive bezel, and this thing weighs a relative ton.
Amazon should have just ordered some Samsung tablets and loaded them with their bloatware, which they also blocked prior methods of removal.
Just trying to watch youtube is a nightmare, it resizes and behaves oddly unlike any other tablet on the planet. Don't know what they did, but apparently they hate google enough to make us hate Amazon with this tablet.
Returned within 24 hours after fruitless chats with supposed service.
I traded in my old fire tablet and used the proceeds to buy this piece of crap, which is not just money lost since Amazon doesn't provide service on trade in money if you return the device, again according to their lousy non-US customer "assistants". Save yourself the headache and buy something better.
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