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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2018
The book was alright, but it didn't have that special feel to it that is in the other books.

- It was Humorous.
-The Author did a good job writing from Cricket's point of view.
-And there were some twists in the plot i never saw coming.

-My number one problem with this book is that Sundew the Leafwing mentions that she has a true love. Well, it's not that she is in love that bothers me. What bothers me is that she is apparently in love with Another female Leafwing. That's right, Southerland made Sundew GAY. And this fact ruins Sundews character for the rest of the book, Because not only is she gay, but she brings it up ALL THE TIME. (Just in case we didn't know, Southerland is prepared to cram it down our throats.)
-Back on the mainland with Moonwatcher and Company, it appears that all of the animuses have lost their power. The Author has not cleared up why this happened, but I have a problem with the fact that gentle,sweet,Turtle became suddenly hostile towards Quibli,.Accusing him of BREAKING Turtle's Animus gifts.
-Oh,And in the beginning, Tsunami and Turtle set out to find the Lost Continent, but in the End Moonwatcher informs Luna (Who has accomplished nothing the book) That the Lost Continent was coming to them.

In summary, it seems that all of the characters are a mess. Tui Southerland can't make up her mind on what each character's Personality is, making the book a confusing blend of decent,bad,and kind of weird. (And please,please,get rid of the Gay relationships!) I would suggest getting the book, but be prepared for the worst.
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