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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2017
D is for Dinosaur is a collection of short stories By Rhonda Parrish and several other authors. This book was definitely a little out of my normal reading genre but I found it interesting. Each chapter is a new “book” that is a little different from the previous one. The books are about anything from myths passed through generations to outer space. The characters in each storyline were very well developed and the storylines themselves were pretty entertaining.

A is for Angry by Michael M. Jones:
Tanith Murry is a very angry girl. She has no close friends except for the dinosaur that lives inside her, Dinah. After meeting Daisy she suspects she has maybe found a friend, and that maybe she isn’t alone.

B is for Bronteaurus by Simon Kewin:
After being picked on for the most of her life, Bronte decides she can’t take it anymore and wants to get revenge. Will she be able to go along with her plan of vengeance?

C is for Catechism by Brittany Warman:
This story is about remembering those before you and the knowledge and wisdom of how to be strong no matter how small you are.

D is for Duel by C.S. MacCath:
Alejandra wants revenge against The Speaker. Who will win in this challenge of wit and blood?

E is for Exposure by Gary B Phillips:
We meet a photographer with a terrible past and find out the story behind all the tragedies he has suffered through.

F is for Females by L.S. Johnson:
Robert is a cruel man who abuses his wife Carol. A cruel man is on an expedition in search of a myth. He forces his wife on a quest to uncover a myth but will Carol be able to survive this adventure?

G is for Grief by Suzanne J. Willis:
I think the title kind of speaks for itself but regardless, this story is about sacrifice, a whole lot of struggles, and exactly how far you would go to protect the people you love. Will Pax be able to save his friends?

H is for Herpetomorph by Megan Englehardt:
The characters in this story never stay a single place for too long. They walk or swim travelling to find paradise.

I is for Invasion by Michael Fosburg:
A man from an ancient species is on a quest to save his sister, in a world that isn’t what it used to be.

J is for Jewelry by Jeanne Kramer-Smyth
Bonnie just so happens to be a smuggler who moves the cells of other species from Mars. She runs into some problems that only Snyder can help her with. After her ship has been delayed she needs a new plan because her cargo, it just so happens to be live.

K is for Kraken by Pete Aldin
Brynjar and Gunnar are sailing and Gunner tells the captain to sail farther than usual and that is when they wreck.

L is for Luminous by Alexandra Seidel
Corvy feels invisible to her parents, when one day she trips over a glowing rock. Her mother decides to investigate this rock, but what will become of everyone when the identity of the rock is discovered?

M is for Mentation by Michael B Tager
Julia and Eddy attempt to clone a dinosaur for their school project, but something goes wrong. What will Eddy decide is right for his future?

N is for Necromancy by KV Taylor:
Judy has suffered a lot, her mother died when she was 9 and she can bring the dead back to life. This ability makes her father abusive and he holds her prisoner in their house. What will happen with Judy when she escapes this terrible prison?

O is for Open Season by Amanda C. Davis
Hazel and Zig go on a mission through a time machine to the past. What will become of these two?

P is for Pet by Beth Cato:
Vincent is a velociraptor and imaginary friend of Carmen. Can Vincent get Carmen to finally make friends? One thing is for sure, Vincent will always be there for her.

Q is for Quarry
Siblings John and Margaret go off to live with their “Uncle” Mitch for the summer and discover an egg. Will the egg be a dinosaur? Will Mitch let it hatch? What will become of this brother and sister duo?

R is for Remember by Sara Cleto
Sisters Lizzie and Laura find bones in their mother’s garden. What creature do these bones belong to? Can bones sing?

S is for Spirit by Jonathan C. Parrish
An older lady it seems is alive but is in her own head looking at her past and her memories. One door she opens is not what she has ever remembered, everything is wrong. It seems in her past a creature died that caused her pain and she meets it again in this new room.

T is for Tatting by Samantha Kymmell-Harvey
This story is about Maebelle who lives in world with dinosaurs. She wants to be a part of the Youth Federal Academy of Dino Services but this isn’t her dream. She finds some silk but no one is interested in her findings.

U is for Unwelcome by Michael Kellar:
When a world that is similar to when dinosaurs walked the Earth is discovered, Raymond is exhilarated that he is the chosen to be the first ambassador. Will the first mission to the planet be successful or a disaster?

V is for Vermin by Cory Cone:
Who you gonna call? Dinosaur busters? When a home is completely infested with Velociraptors, a team of three men, Archer, Jessi and Michael are called to exterminate the animals.

W is for Wight by Hal J. Friesen:
This story is about Lisa and her attempts to save all genetically abnormal dinosaurs as well as the humans have been affected by Wilson Disease as well. Will a greedy company be able to stop them or will safety come for those dinosaurs in need?

X is for Xenoparasite by BD Wilson
Victor works in a lab and has been told his research would benefit the human race, and help cure the disease that is spreading. It seems to Victor that this is all a lie. Will the human race survive?

Y is for Yangchuan by Andrew Bourelle:
This story is about a new drug that has been mixed with Japanese dinosaur bones. Everybody wants this drug and will do anything and everything to get it.

Z is for Zhenyuanlong Suni, “Zhenyuan’s Dragon” by Laura VanArendonk Baugh:
Brandon tricks his sister Brianna into going to a temple to help him translate some ancient writings. Will this adventure bring her and her brother closer together?

Over all this entire anthology was not bad. It is definitely different from what I normally read but it was well written. I give this anthology a 4 star review today.
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